Our experience has shown that the more interaction your pet receives, the happier, healthier and more adaptable to his surroundings he will be. We have put together our Activities and Activities Packages with your pet in mind.

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Playtime: For our wild and crazy canines we offer a 15 minute romp in one of our spacious play yards with an activities counselor, a frisbee, a ball, or, all of the above. This is a GREAT way to reduce stress and increase appetite.

Nature Walk: Perfect for the older, less active, “couch potato” this 15 minute walk around our Nature Trail with an activities counselor is a favorite among our guests. Plenty of pit stops, play stops, belly rubbing and cuddles are included along the way.

TLC: “Love Me Tender” … Made for our furry friends who need the extra special attention. We offer a one-on-one snuggle on the sofa in our themed tropical activity room. Petting, rubbing, crooning and smooching permitted.

Swim Time: “Aruba, Jamaica … oooh, let us take” your pet swimming! A 15 minute pool encounter with an attendant. Let your pet splash in their “birthday suit”, play “Barko” Polo or just bounce in the arms of a staff member.

Golf Cart Rides: For our “very spoiled” have-to-go-for-a-ride and pretend he / she is king or queen of the road! A leisurely ride around our nature trail offers a safe and shady outing.

Group Play: A 45 minute play session with size and age appropriate play buddies supervised by a trained staff member.


“Surf & Turf” – Choose ANY 2 Activities per day

“Three’s a Charm” – Choose ANY 3 Activities per day

“Four Galore” – Choose ANY 4 Activities per day

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Feline Activities

Our motto here is that “Cats are where it’s at”! Of all the pets lodging with us, cats are the most independent, yet the neediest. Therefore, we have put together special ala carte activities and Activities Packages just for our feline friends.


Playtime: “hang in there” on one of our cat trees, window perches, or activities counselors!

TLC: A 15 minute “special” time of tummy rubbing, brushing and purring.