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4 Paw Spaw

A clean, attractive, healthy pet is a clean, attractive happy pet!All lodging guests receive a reduced bath rate.

All guests are brushed on a regular basis to prevent matting. All guests receive a shampoo, conditioner, nail trim, anal gland expression, ear cleaning and blow drying. We pamper your pet with a water massage bathing system which stimulates the skin and provides a healthy glow. A “Hot Oil” treatment softens the skin and makes for a shinier coat.

Our “Shed-Less” program is available for your pets comfort as well as yours since it eliminates “hair bunnies” in your home. Bows, Nail polish (for a charge), and Bandannas are available in our Pet Boutique to compliment your pet's appearance.

The 4 Paw Spaw is available to pets not residing with us by appointment only.


Daily Guest Service / Day Care

An excellent solution for our day tripping clients. Your pet enjoys the same comfort and security as our regular guests... but goes home at the end of the day! Ample lodging areas includes off-the-ground bed, air conditioning / heat, indoor-outdoor accessibility.

Like a visit to the grandparents, your pet will be loved, spoiled and given treats. An activity of your choice is included with their stay.

Medicating and Feeding are not included with Day-Care.


Courtyard Condos

Our “Courtyard Condos” began as a retreat for our older residents and has developed into a hotly sought after accomodation for our guests that are under 30 lbs.

Our condos, with its tropical island ambiance, provides secluded lodging with a one-on-one feel. We have one Condo attendant waiting on them... sitting on the bench under the umbrella, playing ball with them, smooching them... giving them the kind of attention they would get at home.

All pets have an indoor area for nighttime and afternoon siesta. During the cool part of the day the guests are in a private, individual, outside covered patio, either lounging or sleeping on off-the-ground specially designed outdoor pet furniture enjoying the balmy Florida breezes.

Condos are air conditioned and heated and our guests are provided with extra plush beds and fleece blankets.

All Condo residents enjoy supervised exercise in the courtyard.


Rates Effective 2/09/2023

Peak season rates add $2.00


Pet Boarding & Activity Rates

DOGS (per day)

CATS (all sizes / per day)

Up to 30 Lbs. $ 31.00 Playtime $ 6.00
31-75 Lbs. $ 34.00 TLC $ 6.00
Over 75 Lbs. $ 37.00
Courtyard Condos $ 31.00 Single Condo $ 25.00
Single Dog/Giant Area $ 51.00 Double Condo $ 35.00
    Triple Condo $ 43.00

10% OFF Extra Dog in Same Run (per day)

  Extra Cat In Same Area (per day) $ 17.00
(includes 1 activity)
$ 20.00 (per pet) BIRDS (per day)  
    Small $ 14.00
Playtime + Treat $ 6.00 Medium $ 15.00
Nature Walk + Treat $ 6.00 Large $ 16.00
TLC + Treat $ 6.00 X Large $ 17.00
Golf Cart Ride $ 6.00
Owner must provide diet
Swimtime $ 7.00
Group Play $ 8.00 Other Cages Animals (any size) $15
Surf & Turf
(any 2 activitiies in a single day)
$ 10.95    
Three’s A Charm
(any 3 activities in a single day)
$ 13.95    
Four Galore!
(any 4 activities in a single day)
$ 16.95    
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